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Welcome to Darnall Medical Library: Instruction and Collaboration

Providing quality information and services to support the readiness and care of the Uniformed Services and their families.

Manuscript Writing Lab

A Manuscript Writing Lab is held weekly to help you with a scientific writing, journal selection, authorship, manuscript submission, copyright issues, and DoD public access policy compliance.

Manuscript Writing Lab
Thursdays 1200 - 1400
Darnall Medical Library

Instruction and Collaboration

Our Informationist / Biomedical Research Librarian offers research-oriented classes on a quarterly basis. Individual and group research consultations are also available upon request. Standard classes are listed below, but we can design other research-oriented classes to meet your particular needs.

Please see the library's Course Calendar for scheduled classes!

Workshops Offered by the Informationist / Biomedical Research Librarian

Writing Systematic Reviews - This workshop provides an overview of the purpose, structure, components, and writing process of systematic reviews. Attendees will become familiar with systematic review standards and guidelines and will explore opportunities for collaboration with librarians. Please see the Systematic Review Service page for details on collaboration opportunities with Darnall Medical Library librarians.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication - This workshop is centered on planning, writing, and submitting manuscripts for publication in biomedical journals. Students will be guided through the publication process, journal selection, and authorship guidelines and standards. The writing section of the workshop is centered on steps and tips for writing a compelling manuscript (title, abstract, introduction, methods/materials, results, and discussion). The manuscript submission process and review, copyright issues, research integrity, and DoD public access policy compliance will also be discussed.

Designing a Compelling Scientific Presentation - This workshop will help you to structure and design your research presentation using the key components and elements of scientific presentation to communicate your research findings to your audience.

Managing Reference Citations with EndNote - This workshop will help you to develop basic skills in bibliographic management using EndNote standalone citation manager. Attendees will learn how to create a reference library, collect reference citations from various biomedical literature databases, organize references, generate and format bibliographies, share a library with peers, connect with researchers, and insert references into a Word document. Attendees will also be briefly introduced to EndNote Web.

NCBI Medical Genetics Resources I - The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides access to biomedical and genomic information. This workshop introduces NCBI molecular databases centered on human medical genetics and information on genetic tests and laboratories.

Research Data Management - This workshop introduces a concept of data-driven research, research data management, and data management planning for grant proposals. The research data life cycle, including data collection, processing methods, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data will be discussed. Attendees will become familiar with data submission standards and DoD biomedical research and data policy.

Conducting Research: Process, Methods, and Design
This workshop is centered on the process of conducting research, particularly on the development of the research question and hypothesis, literature analysis, research methods, study designs, data management, research integrity, and research management.

Workshops in Development by the Informationist / Biomedical Research Librarian

  • Introduction to NCBI Molecular Databases
  • NCBI Medical Genetics Resources II
  • NCBI Medical Genetics Resources III
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Gene and Expression Analysis
  • Bioactivity Assays and Compound Analysis
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Biomedical Literature Informatics

Contact Us

Contact the Informationist / Biomedical Research Librarian for more information or guidance.

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