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Scientific Writing Consultation

A scientific writing consultations are offered for post-graduate trainees on an academic writing, copyright and intellectual property rights, research integrity, and ethics of publication. 

To request a consultation on academic writing, please submit a Scientific Writing request. 


Informationist has subject expertise and research experience in information sciences, pathobiology, microbiology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics resources to design a research lectures to meet the needs of post-graduate trainees.

Register for a research lectures at library's course calendar.


Writing a Systematic Review - This lecture provides an overview of the purpose, structure, components, writing process of systematic review, and systematic review standards and guidelines.

Writing a Scientific Manuscript - This lecture is an introduction to the writing a scientific manuscript. The manuscript submission and review, authorship guidelines, copyright issues, research integrity, and DoD public access policy compliance are described.

Scientific Presentation - This lecture introduces the development of a scientific presentation to communicate scientific findings.

Citations Management  - This lecture introduces the fundamentals of citation information management. 

Medical Genetics Resources I - This lecture describes the National Center for Biotechnology Information molecular databases on medical genetics, genetic tests, and laboratories.

Research Data Management - This lecture introduces a concept of data-driven research, research data management, data management planning for grant proposals, and DoD biomedical research and data policy.

Conducting Research: Process and Methods
This lecture introduces the process of conducting research, development of the research question and hypothesis, literature analysis, research methods, data management, and research integrity.

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