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WRNMMC Book Request

Patrons affiliated with WRNMMC may call the DML interlibrary loan specialist, Dina Treskunova, at 301-400-3042 for book requests. You can also contact our Library Technicians.

Do you just need a single chapter? Many lending libraries will scan the chapter and email it to you, which is much faster than waiting for them to get the book in the mail.

WRNMMC Print Article Request

Do you need a scan of an article in one of our print journals? Patrons affiliated with WRNMMC may contact the DML library technicians.

WRNMMC Article Request

Who can use the DML's Interlibrary Loan Service?
Patrons affiliated with WRNMMC may request medical articles and books that are not available via the DML's collection.

How can I submit an interlibrary loan request?

Status of Loansome Doc

On July 1, 2019, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) retired the Loansome Doc system. The system closed due to a continued decrease in use that peaked in 2002.

PubMed remains your key source for indexed, peer-reviewed literature. Copies of many articles are available for free, others for purchase, see "How to Get the Journal Article."

In addition to PubMed, the following resources offer access to journal articles:

PubMed Central (Over 5.1 million articles available.)
Google Scholar
Publishers’ websites
Online free article services and collaborations
If you're working or credentialed at Walter Reed NMMC, the Darnall Medical Library can help!

For more information, see the NIH Public Access Policy and other open access initiatives.


What is the interlibrary loan process at the Darnall Medical Library?

For Articles:

  1. You request an article;
  2. We verify the citation;
  3. We attempt to request from other medical libraries using the DOCLINE service;
  4. If we receive the article, we forward it to you. If we are unable to get the article via DOCLINE, we request from academic and public libraries using OCLC's WorldShare service;
  5. If we receive the article, we forward it to you. If we are unable to get the article via WorldShare, we contact you and ask if we need to purchase the article;
  6. If we receive the article, we forward it to you. If we are unable to purchase, we let you know we've exhausted all of our options.

At any point in this process you can request that we do a literature search to find similar articles.

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For WRNNMC Healthcare Providers
For WRNNMC Patients
  • TRICARE Appointment Line: 855-227-6331
  • Walter Reed NMMC Main Phone: 301-295-4611
  • TRICARE Health Services (includes phone numbers)

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After-hours access to the library is available to WRNMMC Staff via the CDO at 301-295-4611.