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Systematic Review: Systematic Review

This library guide contains information resources on conducting systematic review and collaborating with librarians on conducting a systematic review.

DML Systematic Review Collaboration Initiative

Collaboration Mission

Enhance the quality of systematic review and clinical care. 

How will the Library Help?

Darnall Medical Library (DML) offers an information solution & expertise, and collaboration in conducting a systematic review.







Dr. Tmanova, DVM, MS, MLIS
Systematic Review Coordinator
Informationist, Darnall Medical Library
Assistant Professor in Radiology and Radiological Sciences, 
F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine

Conducting Systematic Review Collaboration Initiative

Dr. Tmanova initiated the DML Conducting Systematic Review Collaboration initiative in 2015 to enhance the quality of systematic reviews and clinical care in WRNMMC. Systematic Review Coordinator, Dr. Tmanovasupervises the collaboration in conducting systematic reviews, the management of systematic reviews, and systematic review instruction. DML librarian team collaborates with clinical teams in conducting a systematic review. The initiative also offers consultations and lectures on planning a systematic review, systematic review requirements, protocol, and research question development for scientific study. 


The systematic review coordinator and librarians are committed to collaborating with the WRNMMC clinical team on conducting systematic reviews and contributing to the article as co-author using the ICMJE publication guideline. The collaboration involves these steps of the systematic review process:

  • Conduct the preliminary analysis of published literature to explore the publication of systematic reviews on the submitted topic by the clinical team
  • Formulate the searchable research question using the submitted study protocol, research question, and hypothesis
  • Advise clinical team on the selection of the literature databases, subject-specific resources (databases, journals), and grey literature for literature search
  • Create the search strategy and methodology using search commands, syntax, controlled vocabulary, and filters to explore the studied phenomena in literature databases
  • Conduct the literature search in selected databases using the designed search methodology 
  • Aggregate citations using the EndNote citation management tool as the outcome of the literature search
  • Deliver the search results to the clinical team after the removing duplicate using the EndNote citation tool 
  • Create the systematic review collaboration communication document and use for communication with the clinical team and documenting the search process 
  • Deliver the systematic review collaboration communication document to the clinical team after the search process by documenting the systematic review collaboration steps  
  • Conduct the manuscript pre-submission literature search before the submission for publication and deliver the search results using the EndNote citation tool
  • Write the search methodology for the study (abstract, methods and material, and appendix)
  • Consult clinical team on article publication and journal selection
  • Consult the clinical team on article writing, standards, guidelines, submission, and review process
  • Submit the record of the collaborative communication documentation, search strategy, and written methodology to the systematic review coordinator
  • Offer lecture on conducting systematic review, study protocol development, and study research question design. Registration at the Library Courses calendar  

For collaboration with DML librarians on conducting a systematic review, submit a Systematic Review Collaboration request and schedule consultation with DML Systematic Review Coordinator
Dr. Tmanova


The systematic review collaboration service provides consultation for novice clinicians interested in conducting systematic reviews to assist the clinical team with planning systematic reviews, identifying the literature searching resources, developing search methodology, conducting a literature search, managing study citations, and reviewing systematic review guidelines.

  • Consulting on Conducting Systematic Review - consultation on planning and conducting systematic review, data management, data analysis, data communication, and article publication are offered to present and future collaborators. 


The Systematic Review Collaboration service offers lectures: Writing a Systematic Review, Research Question for a Scientific Study, and Systematic Review Protocol to educate on the systematic review process, study question development, protocol writing, standards, and guidelines.

For the lecture on conducting a systematic review, please register at the Library Course calendar and the Scientific Communication Calendar


Information on the systematic review process and DML resources are at the library guide Conducting Systematic Review.

Dr. Tmanova designed this library guide. Shall you have questions about this library guide, please contact,
Dr. Tmanova 

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