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Research & Education Advisory: Guiding Research

The Academic Research & Education Advisory initiative is designed to improve academic research and education, guide WRNMMC clinicians and post-graduate trainees in conducting research in clinical sciences and specialties, and enhance research competencies.
Note. The information guide is in designing mode and additional information will be added.

Question Development

A well-formed question in clinical care or research inquiry starts by identifying a problem or question. Descriptive, evidence-based, and research questions are primary questions guiding clinical or research practices to identify relevant articles. Another type of literature search questions are questions formulated to study a specific research topic.

The question formulation structure (e.g., PICO, research), scope of question (e.g., broad, narrow), and question searchability contributes to identification of relevant literature. Questions formulated by clinicians or researchers using PICO approach for clinical questions and use of the research principles (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed research) for research questions ensure the quality of the literature search. It is imperative for clinicians or researchers to formulate a searchable question to enhance the identification of relevant articles.

Information Advisory


Information advice and guide are offered to WRNMMC researchers in conducting research during research steps: initiating, planning, conducting, and communicating. Information advice is offered through the advisory, mentorship, and education.

Guiding Research 

Guiding Research
is an information advisory for WRNMMC researchers and scientists in conducting research. 

Initiating, planning, conducting, and communicating are research steps. Each research step requires information in order to provide guidance or mentorship. For research steps that do not apply to your research, please use Not Applicable (N/A). 

For information advice, please submit the Guiding Research Questions request.

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