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Science Wise

Science Wise

Informationists are information professionals with educational background in biological, biomedical,  information sciences, and research experience. (Davidoff and Florance, 2000).

Dr. Tmanova, DML informationist, serves as an information expert, analyst, instructor, mentor, and consultant in conducting clinical, radiology, bioinformatics, and military research. Dr. Tmanova has subject-specific expertise and experience in the pathobiology, microbiology, molecular biology, veterinary science, food science, information sciences, information technology, and information technology education. Dr. Tmanova offers unique perspective on the acquisition, synthesis, management and use of information in research and education.

Dr. Tmanova also leads the DML Systematic Review CollaborationScientific InitiativeResearch Quality, and the Educational Excellence initiatives. 

Dr. Tmanova serves as information liaison to NICoE’s research and clinical teams to help with the exploration of up-to-date information published in biomedical journals on mental health and TBI. Dr. Tmanova, serves as an information specialist and teaches scientific communication lectures to the US Army WRNMMC SBBF clinical laboratory officers and the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences and GME in Radiology.

Dr. Tmanova leads the Science Wise and guides the scientific communication, advises on research in clinical and health informatics, and exploration of information ecosystems. 

Dr. Tmanova can conduct the educational program analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs to identify the learning gap in WRNMMC post-graduate trainees and design the learning solutions to enhance military medicine education. 

Darnall Medical Library | Walter Reed NMMC | Building 1, Room 3458 | 8955 Wood Road | Bethesda, MD 20889 | 301-295-1184/85 | Open Monday-Friday, 0700-1630

After-hours access to the library is available to WRNMMC Staff via the CDO at 301-295-4611.