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Academic lectures are offered to WRNMMC researchers and residents. Dr. Tmanova can conduct the educational program analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs to identify the learning gap in WRNMMC post-graduate trainees and develop learning solutions to enhance military medicine education. Dr. Tmanova has subject-specific expertise and experience in the pathobiology, microbiology, molecular biology, veterinary science, food science, information sciences, information technology, and information technology education. 

If you have questions about the development of educational program, educational curriculum, and research lectures, please contact informationist,‚Äč Dr. Tmanova. 

Scientific Communication Lectures

Conducting Research - This lecture introduces the process of conducting research, development of the research question and hypothesis, literature analysis, research methods, data management, and research integrity.

Ethics in Academic Writing and Publication - This lecture introduces the standards and guidelines of ethical writing, research theft and predatory publishing, plagiarism, research integrity in writing and communicating research and research data, copyright and intellectual property rights, research integrity, and research forensics used for the detection of plagiarism. 

Scientific Writing This lecture is an introduction to the writing a scientific manuscript, submission and review, authorship guidelines, copyright and intellectual property rights, research integrity, and ethics of publication.

Scientific Communication - This lecture is an introduction to the development of  a scientific presentation for communication of scholarly findings.

Citation Management  - This lecture introduces the fundamentals of citation management. 

Medical Genetics Resources I - This lecture describes the National Center for Biotechnology Information molecular databases on medical genetics, genetic tests, and laboratories.

Research Data Management - This lecture introduces a concept of data-driven research, research data management, data management planning for grant proposals, and DoD biomedical research and data policy.

Writing a Systematic Review - This lecture provides an overview of the purpose, structure, components, writing process of systematic review, and systematic review standards and guidelines.

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