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Welcome to Darnall Medical Library: Troubleshooting/Access

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ClinicalKey April 2021

There is a known issue with Clinicalkey Access. This is funded by DHA, and they ware working with Elsevier to address the issue. Suggestions to access it:

  • Try it from Firefox on your WR networked computer.
  • If that doesn’t work, try it from your home computer, laptop, or tablet, using your EZproxy login information.
  • As of 2 April 2021, it was working with Firefox from AVHE.

Troubleshooting Questions

In order to diagnose the problem, it helps us if we can reproduce the problem.

Access Questions

  • What article / book / database were you trying to access?
  • What browser are you in (IE, Chrome, Firefox)?
  • Was it via PubMed, or the library page?
  • Did you get an error message, or was there a blank screen?
  • When in the process did you get the error?
    • After I clicked on the purple button, but before I got to the citation;
    • After I got to the citation, when I clicked on PDF;
    • After I opened the PDF, I couldn't download.
  • Were you prompted for payment? Are you working from a networked computer?
  • What's your public IP address?

All of these things help is diagnose and resolve access issues. And if you're seeing the problem, it's likely that someone else may be seeing it as well.

Article Retrieval with PubMed LibraryLink

Article Retrieval with PubMed LibraryLink

NOTE: PubMed has changed how they link to content. They now add the "Locate@Darnall" button to every record. The button will link you to one of the following:

  • The article;
  • A page with the citation and link to the article / journal;
  • Or a page with the citation with a "Request via Interlibrary Loan" button.

Access Issue: Interlibrary Loan Link

The "Request via Interlibrary Loan" Button currently isn't working consistently. We've had reports of issues in Chrome and Safari.

  • We recommend using Firefox if you have it. You can also use Internet Explorer, but if you're on a DOD computer, it's likely that you'll be prompted to allow the link to open an email.
  • Check to see if your popup blocker is on. This can interfere with opening your email.
  • It may help to have an email program open for the link to work, as the link generates your request to us via email.
  • In a pinch, you can always copy (ctrl C) and paste (ctrl V) the citation into an email. It helps if you can provide us with the PubMed ID (PMID).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Known Issues

There is a problem accessing ProQuest content (Psychology Database and also Health & Medical Collection) via PubMed's LinkOut. We have contacted ProQuest. In the meantime, these steps should get you to your article:

  • If in the Internet Explorer browser:
  • Go to our Databases page:
  • Scroll down to ProQuest and click.
  • Select Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and click Log in.
  • Search for your article by title.

You should be able to download your PDF.

Of course, you can always email the library staff and we'll help you retrieve your articles.

ProQuest works from the AVHE login, but is not working from direct MedCOI browsers.

Request a Book / Article

Having trouble accessing online articles or books and don't have time to troubleshoot? Email our document delivery team. We're staffed from 0700-1630 Monday - Friday, and will retrieve the information you need and research the access issue.

Urgent patient care request? Email your question to us.

Access Issue: Electronic Journal


Try a different browser. Internet Explorer is the browser supported by the command, but Chrome and Firefox are available, and what doesn't work in one browser may work in another. Unfortunately, we haven't found a browser that works well with everything-- or when we think we have, something changes.

Try to access the article via the "Journals" tab. Linking from PubMed to an article has a lot of moving parts. One wrong page number can result in an "article not found" message. Try searching by journal title and navigating to the specific issue. If you report it to us, we'll notify the vendor so they can clean up their record.

Desperation measure: If you have an EZproxy (remote access) account, try to access the article on your mobile device.

For more information, see our FAQ, "Do you have a list of journals and databases with access problems?" We'll be updating this information in early 2021.

Access Issue: Electronic Book


Try a different browser. See above.

Try to access the book from another tab. We link to all of our ebooks from LibraryWorld, our catalog. Many core titles have links on our Specialty Portals. And if you see the vendor name in the LibraryWorld record, you can link to that vendor via our Databases tab.

Clearing your browser

Here's a page from Indiana University's Knowledge Base on how to clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history. Bear in mind, DOD networked computers will not let you clear your history, but you should be able to clear your cache and cookies.

Access Issue: Sanford Guides

Issue with Sanford Guides? Check out the Sanford Guides System Status ( to determine existing known issues. 

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