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Deployment Checklist: Home

Deployment Checklist

If you are being deployed from Walter Reed, the Darnall Medical Library is still here for you!

1. Sign up for a Remote Access (EZproxy) Account, or verify that yours is still active.
2. Download / Update Lexicomp on your smart phone or tablet. Need the code? Email us!
3. Check our Mobile Resources page for other apps that may be useful for your specialty.
4. Bookmark the library page. We're happy to perform searches and retrieve articles for you.

5. Look at your specialty portal, specifically recommended books. You can download an ebook chapter or two to take with you. (Don't try to download an entire book, they'll cut off our access.)
6. Going somewhere without internet? Come by the library for DynaMed Plus and / or UpToDate DVDs.

What's in YOUR Deployment Toolbox?

Do you have recommendations for our deployment checklist? We'd love to hear about them. Drop us a line!

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