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Customer's Guide to Reopening: Home

There's one staff member on-site, and the doors are open from 0900-1500.
How has library access changed, and how do you navigate it?

Standard disclaimer that this is a work in progress, and if you have questions, email Ann Holman.

Reopening FAQ

What DML reopening questions do you have?
Email Ann Holman.

The Basics

  • Limited Hours: 0900-1500, Monday - Friday
  • Common spaces: Masks on, all the time.
  • We have embraced the six foot rule.
    • There are seven available computer workstations and four study tables, that's it;
    • Don't go into the librarian's offices;
    • Expect to stand six feet apart if in line.
  • Hand sanitizer!
  • We're distributing disinfecting wipes at the circulation desk. Disinfect your keyboard / mouse before use.

On Site Services

Book Checkout

  • Search the library catalog to see if we have the book in print. If we do:
    • Preferred Option: Email us the title and call number.
    • Backup Option: Write down the call number or print the record and bring it in to us.
  • We'll pull the book for you, check it out, and arrange pickup if necessary.

Book Return

  • If you're returning a book, place it on the bookcase next to the library workroom. It's labeled by the day of the week.

Command Clearance / Check Out

  • Go to the circulation desk. If you have a name that can be misspelled, show us your CAC.
  • We'll check the library catalog to see if you have any books checked out. If you do, you'll need to return them first.
  • We'll also check our list of remote access (EZproxy accounts). If you have one, we'll email you information on virtual library access within Military medicine.

Virtual Services

Computer Use

  • Seven computer workstations are available first come / first serve.
  • First priority: Customers doing library work, staff training, job related computer work. We don't have the space for you to hang out before your shift.
  • We'll reevaluate whether or not we need to set time limits at monthly intervals.
  • We're distributing disinfecting wipes at the circulation desk. Disinfect your keyboard / mouse before use.

Study Tables

  • Four Study Tables are available on a first come / first serve basis.
  • Two are near power outlets.
  • Unfortunately, we have no group meeting space available.

Contact the Darnall Medical Library (DML)

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Darnall Medical Library | Walter Reed NMMC | Building 1, Room 3458 | 8955 Wood Road | Bethesda, MD 20889 | 301-295-1184/85 | Open Monday-Friday, 0700-1730

After-hours access to the library is available to WRNMMC Staff via the CDO at 301-295-4611.