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Academic Research: Research Information Guide

Academic Research

The Academic Research Information guide lists information resources on conducting research, literature informatics, information management, scientific writing, and publication. 



Dr. Tmanova, MLIS, MS, DVM
Research Librarian, Darnall Medical Library
Assistant Professor in Radiology and Radiological Sciences
F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine



Research Information Guides 

The Research Information Guide is designed to enhance academic research and education and to guide post-graduate trainees and researchers in discovering information resources to effectively conduct and publish research in clinical sciences and specialties.

This guide consists of information guides that list subject-specific information resources on conducting research, literature informatics, information management, scholarly writing, and publication.

  • Conducting Research - resources on research ethics, bioethics, planning research, study design, data analysis, funding, and self-guided learning
  • Literature Informatics - resources on literature search, information resources, literature analysis, synthesis, and self-guided learning to explore multi-disciplinary literature and self-guided learning 
  • Information Management - resources and tools on citation management, data management planning, analysis and critical appraisal of information resources, and self-guided learning  
  • Scientific Writing - resources and tools, writing guidelines, academic and medical writing resources, literature review, and self-guided learning 
  • Publication - resources on academic publication standards and guidelines, ethics, plagiarism, open access publication, copyright, intellectual property rights, and self-guided learning 

Research Information Advisory

Information consultations are offered to WRNMMC researchers to enhance GME scholarly research and education. Post-graduate trainees are consulted on research ethics, design, multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary research, project management, and scholarly publication.

These advisories are guiding researchers and post-graduate trainees on scholarly research and publication.  

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