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Academic Research: Planning Search

Academic Research
  Planning a Literature Search


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  Research Question Formulation

Formulate study research question into searchable question for exploration of published scholarly literature

Research Question Types

  • What are the conditions and characteristics of studied phenomena? 
  • What is the effect of variables at studied conditions for studied phenomena?
  • Do variables at studied conditions affect other variables at studied conditions for studied phenomena? 

Study Design Research Questions

  • Qualitative research questions
  • Quantitative research questions
  • Mixed research questions  
  Clinical Question Formulation

Finding the best evidence information

Think in an evidence-based way - ASSESS, ASK, AQUIRE, APPRAISE, APPLY

  • Identify clinical problem
  • Address important searchable questions
  • Identify appropriate resources
  • Design search strategy
  • Conduct search
  • Analyze literature and assess the evidence
  • Apply 

Design searchable question using an evidence-based approach


P - Patient Information (e.g., patient, population)
I - Intervention (e.g., medical, surgical, other)
C- Comparison (e.g., alternative, other)
O - Outcome (e.g., clinical outcome)
T - Time (e.g., follow-up time)

Inquiries for searchable question formulation 

Therapy -  the validity of the preventative or therapeutic effect, validity results (e.g., RCT), applicability for patient care. Also, to determine the effect of medical, surgical, or preventative interventions on patient-important outcomes (e.g., symptoms, function) (LHH, RRR, ARR, NNT, OR)
Study types: RCT

Diagnosis - the validity of the diagnostic study, the applicability of diagnostic test for patient care (sensitivity, specificity, precision, likelihood ration) (LR, OR)
Study types: prospective, blind controlled trial comparison to a gold standard 

Prognosis - the validity of the study results, the importance of the results, the applicability of results for patient care (determining the prognostic course)
Study types: cohort study, case-control, case series, or case report

Etiology/Harm - the validity of harm study, the importance of the results, treatment course (NNH, PEER)
Study types: RCT, case-control, cohort studies 

  Constructing a Literature Search

Natural Language Method

  • Keywords, keyterms, concept, phrase
  • Acronyms 
  • Synonyms 
  • Term version (singular, plural)
  • Spelling (native and international)
  • Related terms from other subject disciplines
  • Boolean Operators
  • AND, OR, NOT
  • Truncation
  • Nesting

 MeSH Method

  • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) - NLM thesaurus and hierarchal vocabulary used for indexing, cataloging, and searching biomedical or health information
  • MeSH on Demand - identifies MeSH terms in the text, identify the similar articles associated with the submitted text
  • MeSH Browser - search using word and substring search methods
  • MeSH Ontology - NLM controlled vocabulary thesaurus used for indexing articles for PubMed.
  • PubMed Advanced Search Builder - search builder with advanced features

 Note: Training content is at Self-Guide Learning. Schedule Consultation on finding associated resources and literature search. 

  Searching for Scholarly Publication

Searching Authors & Journals 

Use filter to search all authors in manuscript indexed in PubMed

  • PubMed - apply filter author manuscript[filter]
  • PMC - apply filter author manuscript[filter]
  • PubMedReMiner - search for authors, journals 

 Note: Training content is at Self-Guide Learning. Schedule Consultation on finding associated resources and literature search. 


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